[IMPORTANT]Reporting Format

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[IMPORTANT]Reporting Format

Post  [LG]SupraMan on Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:18 am

Using this format, report a player:

IGN of hacker:
Your Name:
Information: (What type of rule the person broked)
Proof: (Screenshots, Replays, Ecetra..)
Optional: (Anything else?)

1. You may only report a player (RAP) for the following treasons:

- Hacking
- Spamming
- Insulting
- Advertising
- Glitching
- Impersonating
- UC
- Swapping
- Force Lag

2. So your in-game and then you come upon something unfortunate. Just take a screenshot of whatever that is by pressing F12, or if it is something such as UC, record the scene with the F11 button.

3. Make sure you got a good replay or screenshot. This can be found by going into your 'Documents' folder and then 'The Duel' folder. Upload the picture(s) using http://imageshack.us, and the replay by using http://mediafire.com

4. Create a thread showing all the information we need with the correct report format (shown above) , and the link to the proof of the scene!

5. There is no step 5! We will get this processed by one of our GM's and your business is done here
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